Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Error while connecting to remote SSIS Server

When a user tries to connect to a Integration Service running on a remote system, he may get an error message “Connect to SSIS Service on machine "" failed: Access is denied.”. The main reason for this problem is the current windows users of the client machine which you are using to connect to the remote SSIS Server is not part of Distributed COM Users group. To solve the problem, add the logged in user of the client to Distributed COM Users group in the database server system. Steps to follow

1. Log in to database server
2. Run ‘Compmgmt.msc’
3. Expand ‘Computer Management\System Tools\Local Users and Groups\Groups’
4. Select Distributed COM Users which is show in the right hand side panel and view properties by right clicking
5. In the properties window, use the ‘Add..’ button to add the client user as part of the group and close the dialog box

After adding the client user as part of servers Distributed COM Users group, you will be able to log in to SSIS Server remotely. If you still have problem in logging in refer to the article