Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Are you out of Google AdSense? What's next?

Are you out of Google AdSense program? Oops!! then you are out of a big advertising network in the world. But it is not a big problem. You have  other options to try out your luck and publish ads to earn money. Here is the list of few very popular ad serving networks which you can consider trying out

There are many other networks which are not so popular. These ad networks are very new in the market and trying to prove themselves.  Advertisement programs are basically categorized as three types CPA, CPC and CPM based on the type of ads which they allow users to publish.

Cost Per Click ads pay money for every user click on the ad. This is a very famous and widely used method. Cost Per Action ads pay money if user completes a specific actions. (Ex. User creating a new account or User buying an advertised product). Cost Per 1000 Impressions ads pay money for every 1000 impressions shown on your page.

Cost Per Action Ad Networks

Cost Per Click Ad Networks

Cost Per 1000 Impression Ad Networks