Thursday, June 28, 2007

Google's Future Plan on Web Search Technology

Google announced their future plans on Web Search technologies at Searchnomics 2007 conference held at Santa Clara. Marissa Mayer, VP, Search Products & User Experience at Google presented a keynote on Google's current and near future plans in search technologies. Here are the few areas in which Google is concentrating 

Automated Language Translation

Automated Language Translation is aimed to break the language barrier by finding anything in any language. Google's new  algorithm CLIR will enable translation of search queries to other languages and returns the result in the queries language. For example, if a person searches for "pizza shops in Delhi" typed in Hindi, it will be automatically convert the query to English and search result of English query are submitted back to user in Hindi language.

Google Book Search

Google's index of online books is going to grow rapidly in the coming years. Google is working with 16 major libraries and publishers to scan their books to bring all the content online and searchable.

Images and Video

Google main search engine started including video files as part of search results couple of months ago. This technology will be taken forward to search videos and images as easy as we search text content.


Google 411 is a free phone service recently introduced in US, that user can call to perform voice search with the help of an Interactive Voice Response system. This system will be enhanced to provide more friendly and accurate results.

Maps and Local Search

Google Maps now supports traffic display based on data licensed from third party applications and services. In future more information will be integrated with the help of recently launched street views in Google Maps.

Client Software

Google Gear and Google Gadgets are the two client software's in which Google is investing their time and money a lot. Browser plug-in provided by Google Gear takes Ajax applications and makes them better. Recently Google ported Google Reader to Gear which not only makes it faster but also enable working offline support. In the future Google mail may also be ported to Google Gear.

Google Gadgets enables developers to create tiny applications that live on the desktop and connect to the web in the background to pull in information from the web.


Anonymous said...

GOOGLE 411 -- never heard of that

Adrian M said...

The tranlation function is a good idea. I hate those "translate this page" b.s. in my google searches.