Thursday, June 21, 2007

Google Made 41 Acquisitions Till Now

Deja's Usenet archive is the first acquisition made by Google in 2001 and then onwards it has acquired another 40 companies. With 41 acquisitions in 7 years Google has grown very rapidly. Today Google has almost every single application which a common Internet user looks for. Google growth is amazing!! The following graph shows the number of companies/products acquired by Google in each year

Here is the list of companies/products acquired by Google


Software or Company

Google Area of Interest

2001 Deja's Usenet archive Google Groups
2001 Outride, Inc Spin-off from Xerox PARC
2003 Pyra Labs Blogging
2003 Neotonic Software Customer Relationship Management
2003 Applied Semantics Advertising
2003 Kaltix Search engine
2004 Ignite Logic Web site creation
2004 Picasa Photo management
2004 Keyhole, Inc Google Earth
2004 Where2 Google Maps
2004 ZipDash Google Ride Finder
2005 2Web Technologies Online spreadsheets
2005 Phatbits Widgets engine
2005 Urchin Software Corporation Google Analytics
2005 Dodgeball Social networking
2005 Reqwireless Web browser and Mobile email
2005 Current Communications Group Broadband internet
2005 Android Software for Handheld devices
2005 Skia Graphics software
2005 Akwan Information Technologies Latin American internet operations
2006 dMarc Broadcasting Radio advertising software and platform
2006 Measure Map Blog analysis
2006 Upstartle Writely, online word processing
2006 @Last Software SketchUp, 3-D modeling
2006 Orion Advanced search method
2006 Neven Vision Computer vision
2006 JotSpot Website applications
2006 YouTube Video sharing
2006 Endoxon Mapping solutions
2007 Xunlei Network, file-sharing
2007 Adscape Video game advertising
2007 Trendalyzer Software
2007 Tonic Systems Presentation software
2007 Marratech video conferencing software Video conferencing
2007 GreenBorder Technologies Desktop enterprise security
2007 Panoramio Geospatial Photo-sharing Service
2007 FeedBurner Online RSS Feeds
2007 PeakStream Parallel Processing
2007 DoubleClick Online Advertising Network
2007 Zenter Presentations Software