Thursday, June 14, 2007

Indian versions of Digg

Digg is a famous social web site where users submit and promote the content. The popular content appears on the main page while the recent hot stories appear on upcoming stories of the site. There are many web sites owned and maintained by Indians which are trying to imitate Digg style. Here are the few Indian sites which are known to the web community

  1. Indian Pad
  2. Charchaa
  3. Best of Indya
  4. Indian Bytes
  5. Mirchh

Out of the five web sites, Indian Pad is the most successful of Indian social content promotion sites. It has out performed all the competitors in India. The main reasons for the success of Indian pad are simple & elegant design and fast page loading. The web site is very well designed and navigation is very easy. Here are the statistics about Indian Pad and other sites

  Google Page Rank Alexa India Rank
Indian Pad 5 225
Best Of Indya 0 9, 649
Charchaa 3 45,802
Indian Bytes 3 13,317
Mirchh 0 Not available


The statistics clearly show how Indian Pad is dominating when compared to it peers in India. Check the following graph which compares traffic of the sites(Click on the image to enlarge)


Web Satan said...

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Anonymous said...

I have also found two more - and