Saturday, August 04, 2007

Are You Bored With Window's Disk Defragmenter Application? Then Try Rich JkDefrag GUI Application

JkDefrag GUI is an advanced hard drive defragmentation application that provides provides graphical user interface for the open source command line application JkDefrag. JkDefrag is a solid and powerful program which out performed all the free defragmentation applications with loads of rich functionality. JkDefrag comes with many features which are very innovative like screen saver user interface and space hogging files. The list of features of the application are

  1. You can schedule defragmentation on various events like on idle time, on startup, once-only, daily, weekly or monthly .
  2. You can easily launch defrag operations or combinations of operations such as analysis, defragmentation, fast optimization, forcing files together, moving to the end of the disk, sorting files by name, size and other parameters
  3. You can defrag system files by scheduling the operation on reboot
  4. The Screen saver interface launches the defrag operation in the background during the system idle times when normally screen saver would run
  5. Application is highly configurable with various options like defragmentation speed, disks to defrag, and percent of free hard disk  space to free at the beginning of the disk, folders or types of files that you want to defrag
  6. At any moment application can be safely stopped without causing any problem to the file system. Even though this is not a rich feature of the application, but it is worth to know  that JkDefrag uses Microsoft's standard defragmentation API library and it is extremely safe.

For non-techies

Defragmentation is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation in file system of your computer. Generally files get scattered around a disk in pieces rather than existing in one contiguous because of file movements, deletions and other reasons. Defragmentation process physically reorganizing the contents of the disk to store the pieces of each file together and contiguously. When a file content is arranged contiguously speed of data access and retrieval increases.


Anonymous said...

Just tried out the Jkdefrag + GUI program. Its an interesting program but it doesn't seem to work properly...I set the Analyze only option in the UI, but the program trys to defrag. Either it is buggy or I am making some mistake. Anyway, too much trouble and nowhere as user-friendly as a proper commercial defragger. The Jkdefrag without the GUI has no controls whatsoever. No start, stop or pause buttons. No option for selecting a specific drive etc :(

I am sticking to Diskeeper is far better and does the job quickly without confusion. I also have control over what drives to select and what defrag mode to use on each drive. So, Diskeeper for me until something better comes along! :)

Anonymous said...

We have 8 systems in our school library and students work almost the entire day. Most are un aware of the safety measure of computing and download all sorts of files into the system. The fragmentation levels are so high that each system gives different troubles,one hangs another freezes! The HDD must be loaded with rubbish and sick with fragments.

Anonymous said...

I use PerfectDisk. Some highlights for me -- it consolidates free space, defragments system files, and requires as little as 5% free space to defrag. Might be an option. Never used jkDefrag.

Unknown said...

@Neptune - jkdefrag without the GUI has plenty of options... You just need to specify them from the command line. See the HTML help file that comes with it.