Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Powerful way to Cleanup Your Duplicate Data with the Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate File Finder, brings the easiest way to you to find and remove duplicate files on your hard disk. If your hard disk space is shrinking due to unwanted identical files and folders, then this is the exact tool you are looking for. This capable and easy to use tool will save your precious disk space by finding all such duplicate files and cleaning them safely.Check out the full screen shot of the tool.

The tool is supported with amazing features such as; supports powerful search engines that will scan and search for true identical files, supports flexible scan settings that allow mask search and options to search files with size conditions, can find duplicates from multiple folders or drives, provides safety measures to protect system files and folders, select options to accommodate manual deletion of files, and supports a simple and convenient interface.

One more useful feature is contextual menu, it allows us to access the file properties or to open folder containing file. By holding shift key we can select multiple files very easily.

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Anonymous said...

Remove Duplicate Files

i use Duplicate Finder… its not freeware but have got very good marking system and a neat clean easy to understand interface which attracts me to buy it!

You can download the free trial from http://www.ashisoft.com