Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Recover Lost Instant Messenger Passwords - GTalk, MSN,Yahoo! or Windows Live.

MessenPass is a password recovery utility that allows you to recover password(s) of all the popular instant messengers: MSN,GTalk, AOL,Yahoo!Messenger,Windows Live Messenger.

List of usernames and passwords recoverd by the application

The moment you run MessenPass, it automatically decrypts the available passwords, and displays all user name/password pairs that it found in the main window of the application.It will work even without running the messenger at that time.

Only condition is you have chosen the remember your password option in one of the above programs. And also you cannot use this utility for grabbing the passwords of other users, it works only for current logged-on user on your local computer.

This application also supports saving the usernames/passwords to a file instead of displaying on screen. If you want to save to a file directly then use the following switch while launching

/stext <Filename> 

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