Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Exhaustive List of Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

David Gainer of Official Microsoft Excel blog team performed an thorough study on shortcuts of Microsoft Excel. He prepared an exhaustive list of shortcuts and posted them on the blog. 

Microsoft Excel Shortcuts

The list of shortcuts are very useful and they cover from simple activities like formatting cells to complex tasks like resizing formula bar. The shortcuts are nicely formatted in XSL and PDF documents and they are available to freely download.

You can download the shortcuts file as Microsoft Excel File or Acrobat PDF File .

Thanks to David Gainer of Microsoft Excel Blog 

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Chaitanya Sagar, Excel Expert said...

Its really great to have those short cuts and they are very helpful as well. I have been using systat from last couple of months which is more or less like excel. Can you post some systat shortcuts in the blog.