Sunday, October 21, 2007

Access Blocked Orkut at Office/School/University

There are different ways to access your favorite sites which are blocked at your office/school/university. In our previous post we explained you 4 easy and simple tricks to access blocked web sites. In this post we explain you the different tricks to access blocked Orkut web site.

Trick 1. Using

Using PowerScrap web site to access Orkut is the one of the easiest and most reliable way to unblock Orkut. PowerScrap is a safe, fast, reliable and very powerful site to interact with your friends in Orkut.

Trick 2. Using

In most of the organizations access to is not blocked. If your organization has not blocked this site then you are very luck. Accessing orkut through is same as accessing orkut directly.

Trick 3. Using Facebook web site

If you have Facebook account  then you can use My Orkut application of Facebook to get access to Orkut.

Installing and configuring My Orkut Application on facebook web site is very easy by following these simple steps

  1. Click here to install My Orkut Application
  2. Then copy and paste full url of your orkut account in the preference page of My Orkut Application . URL of your orkut account looks similar to You can get to the URL by clicking on your own Photo after signing in to Orkut.

  3. That's all. Now you can access your Orkut through Facebook.

(it is very unlikely that facebook in banned in most of organizations in India/Asia)

I hope at least one among the above three tricks works at your organization/school/university. Happy Orkuting!!

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ultimateweblogos said...

cool stuff man.. even we can access any blocked website through wow i love that website its very simple and very user friendly

Anonymous said...

Amazing man... Thx