Tuesday, October 02, 2007

C# - Where did the name come from?

James Kovacs share his memory lane on how Microsoft C# got the name. It is interesting to know that C# name was inspired by music!. He says...

C# name was musically inspired. It is a C-style language that is a step above C/C++, where sharp (#) means a semi-tone above the note. (Being a musician myself, I think this is awfully fun.) Back when .NET made its debut, an amusing quip from the Linux crowd was to refer to C# as Db (D-flat), which is the same note as C#, but has different connotations. Two MS Research languages also bear musically-related names: Polyphonic C# and F#.

It's nice to read through his entire post where he explains about when .NET framework was started and code names of .NET framework and other components. Read the full article here

Who is James Kovacs?

James Kovacs is an independent architect, developer, trainer, and jack-of-all-trades, specializing in the .NET Framework, security, and enterprise application development. Read more about him...