Saturday, October 06, 2007

Find Perfect Wallpapers For Your Screen Resolution Using Google

Google Image search allows us to find images available on the web easily. But the size filtering options of Google Image Search "Extra Large Images", "Large Images", "Medium Images" and "Small Images" are not so useful when we need to find wallpapers which perfectly suite our screen resolution.

So how to find beach wallpapers that have a certain size in pixels which exactly matches our screen resolution?

Image:Searching for specific resolution images using Google Image Search
  1. Searching using beach wallpapers returns all the beach wallpapers
  2. To filter wallpapers which match to a specific size/resolution add "[width]x[height]" to the query. Example - Beach wallpaper "1152 x 864"
  3. if you further want to restrict the results to show only JPG files add filetype:jpg or filetype:jpeg to the query

Few Google Image Search queries which search for wallpapers of specific sizes

  • Beach wallpaper "1152 x 864"
  • Sunset wallpaper "1600 x 1200"
  • Flower wallpaper "800 x 600"

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