Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Freedom to Your iPhone/iPod With a Single Click - Powered By JailBreakMe.Com

JailBreakMe.Com is a great web site for all iPhone and iPod lovers who want to install third party applications on their iPhones/iPods. With the help of this site, it is a matter of single click to release all the locks and security restrictions implemented by Apple on iPhone/iPods to disallow third party applications.

Point your safari browser to and click on Install AppSnapp. It automatically downloads and installs a tiny application called Installer by exploiting the security holes in Safari browser.

Jail breaking Apple iPhone and iPod

After installing the application restart your phone once and you will find a new icon Installer on your phone. Now your phone is ready to install all the beautiful applications available on net.

Another interesting news is, Jail breaking not only allows you to install applications on your iPhone but also fixes a bug in Safari browser and makes the phone more secured. [Tuaw]