Thursday, October 18, 2007

Google Logos: The Different Faces of Google

Dennis Hwang (Hwang Jung-moak), a 23-year-old Korean computer artist in the United States , who has been drawing the face of Google for almost two years, creating a buzz of sorts with his simple yet witty designs.


Mother's Day


Father's Day

Women's Day

National Library Day

St.Patrick's Day

Michelangelo's Birthday

Einestien;s Birthday

Ray Charle's Birthday

Dragon's day


Alfred Hitchcock's Birthday


Earth Day




National Teacher Day


Water Day


valentine's Day


Anonymous said...

Really? Google has had most every possible Holiday.. but not Christmas or Easter! That is crazy because those are the two best holidays ever!!

Leopard Brightsky said...

Anonymous- Google tries not to favor one religion over another. There are some people that would be heavily offended if there was a Christmas or Easter Google logo. Not everyone celebrates Christmas and Easter, you know.

Leopard Brightsky said...

Anonymous- Google tries not to favor any religion. Some people would be offended if there was a fun Google logo for Christmas or Easter, but not for Hanukkah or Eid al Fitr. Not all people celebrate Christmas, you know!