Friday, October 26, 2007

Put Your Gmail on Steroids with Better Gmail Firefox Extension

Better Gmail  a collection of 25 top class addons, is a wonderful   plug-in for firefox. This plugin makes Gmail with Firefox an ultimate experience.

It enhances Gmail in lots of different ways like:

  • Adding Saved Searches
  • Attachment Icons
  • Label Colors
  • Keyboard Macros
  • Filter Assistant   and
  • Right-Click Conversation Previews

The Handy firefox extension which is a combination of best Greasemonkey scripts, removes the pain of spending time on searching the best Greasemonkey scripts to improve your GMail.

Are you not using Firefox browser?


Anonymous said...

Your article on G mail is awsome.but will it work with IE?>

Gopinath M said...

No, this works only in Firefox. Download Firefox for FREE. The links for downloading Firefox is available above(at the end of the post)