Thursday, October 04, 2007

Spyware.CyberLog-X Scamware - Remove It Safely

Recently my personal computer is infected with Spyware.CyberLog-X scamware. This scamware program inserts a new icon in the task bar(yellow warning triangle) and once in every couple of minutes it shows up an alert message with the following text

Critical System Warning!
Your system is probably infected with latest version of Spyware.CyberLog-X.
Type:        Spyware
Infection Length:    266,129 bytes
Risk:        High
Systems Affected:    Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, 2003 Server,
        Windows XP, Windows Vista
Behavior:        Spyware.CyberLog-X is a spyware program that
        monitors user activity, logs keystrokes, and tracks
        Web sites visited.
Symptoms:    Low Internet connection speed
        Low system perfomance
        Security center alerts
        Strange pop up windows
Protection:    Click OK to donwload antispyware software.
OK   Cancel  

The malicious program is reported widely on the Internet as Spyware.CyberLog-X, Trojan-Spy.win32@mx, VirusBurst  scamware which is used to promote bogus software.

This scamware can be easily removed by running Norton PC Tools Spyware Doctor on the infected PC. Norton PC Tools Spyware Doctor is a free software distributed as part of the famous freeware Google Pack.Google Pack provides

What is Google Pack?

Google Pack is a bundle of freeware softwares specially selected by Google. These software are very useful for day to day activities of computer users which includes applications for keeping system secure to managing digital photographs.


Anonymous said...

My computer want let me do it..

Anonymous said...

Worked perfect for me....thanks.

Keith said...

it removes it but it keeps coming back. i'd say 5 seconds after removal i get another one of these pop-ups.