Friday, November 02, 2007

Apple Mac is the World's Fastest Windows VISTA Computer

Worlds faster Windows VIsta based computer is from Apple. Yes what you read is true. Apple Macbook Pro is the world's fastest computer which runs on Microsoft's Windows Vista as per test results announced by PC World.

In PC World reviews Apple Macbook Pro out performed every other notebook they have tested and the full review details are available here

Apple Macbook Pro is not only the fastest but also the lightest notebook. The 17" notebook just weights 3 Kilograms(6.6 pounds) and 1 inch thick. And the when it comes to price of this notebook, it is tagged as a higher end at $2419(Rs. 95,269  approx). Thanks David.

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Computer Support said...

I was curious about exactly how long it took my computer to boot after reading the postings above, so I restarted my desktop and noticed the time taken. It took exactly thirty five seconds to shut down, and approximately two and a half minutes to boot to full functioning. I use Win XP on a desktop, with security software and an additional program to operate my dual monitors; I also have some applications which start off during the booting process like GTalk, Skype etc. So my PC’s booting process seems to be in good shape. However it looks like from the above discussion that we need to have proper hardware configurations in order to utilize our machines to their full potential, even when it is idle.