Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Amazing List Of Windows Mobile Products For This Holiday Season

Despite Apple iPhone controls the smartphone market, most of the people still love the choice and variety of the Windows Mobile lineup, and the versatility these devices have that Apple has chosen not include with their phone.

It seems the best lineup is either at T-Mobile (which has only three phones, but great versions of the slide-out keyboard PDA, consumer smartphone, and business Q-type) or Sprint (which has a free slide-out PDA, great Q, and the only one with the Touch).

AT&T’s lineup is too quirky, filled with Q-types, plus the dual slider, but they do have a cheap Palm. Verizon’s lineup is pathetic and too expensive.

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Bill from Detroit said...

I have the T-Mobile Dash. It ships with Outlook 2007 TRIAL version. Boo, hiss. For the money, I think it should have been the full version. Outlook 2007, Mobile 6 and ActiveSync SHOULD all 'just work' because they are ALL MSFT products. But it was a walking, retching, disaster for me. I ended up buying 3rd party synch software and all is well. But having to buy Outlook AND the 3rd party software effectively added ~$120 to the purchase price.

The phone is fine (the camera is weak and the volume control isn't very well thought out) and I really like the PDA portions.

Despite the aforementioned flaws, I would still rate it as ~8.5 on a scale of 10.