Monday, December 10, 2007

Quick Tip to Show PageRank in Firefox while Google Toolbar is Hidden

We all prefer to use the built-in search box to the full Google Toolbar, but we have to miss the PageRank button when we're browsing around without the Google Toolbar enabled. Sure, you can have it installed and hidden, but then you have to reload the page for the pagerank to show up after you unhide the toolbar.


I'm going to assume if you've read this far that you also have the Google Toolbar for Firefox installed.

To use this extremely quick tip, just right-click anywhere on the toolbars, choose Customize, and then drag the PageRank button somewhere else:

I moved mine up out of the way, but still easily visible.


Only three clicks required for this Quick Tip. Not too bad.

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Anonymous said...

How to do like this with IE7?