Friday, November 30, 2007

Show Microsoft Outlook Tasks & To-Do in Windows Vista Side Bar

Microsoft released two Windows Vista Side bar imagegadgets which allows you to view Tasks and To-Do list of your Microsoft Outlook  2007.

These gadgets are very useful as we can always see the list of pending tasks and To-Dos even if Microsoft Outlook is minimized.

Ryan Gregg, Program Manager of Outlook says

"The Sidebar presented a great opportunity for Outlook to surface the same information that we show in the To-Do Bar. To this end, we developed two Outlook gadgets: Outlook Appointments and Outlook Tasks. These gadgets can be used independently or together to provide at-a-glance information without the need to bring up Outlook."

The gadgets can be downloaded from Windows Live Gadget gallery using the following links

Via Outlook 2007 Gadgets for Windows Sidebar

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