Sunday, December 16, 2007

Want To Read PDF Documents On Your iPod or Any Mobiles Phone?Here’s An extremely Useful Utility.

The 500kb free tool called “eBook to Images”, converts your Adobe PDF documents, Word Documents or text files to images that very readable on the small screens.

This powerful tool allows you to specify the screen size of your portable device and generates images of the same dimensions.

The tool also lets you to change the text orientation, fonts and the colors to suit the devices.

Now go find some free ebooks and get reading.

Download “eBook to Images” at

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Anonymous said...

check out - they give away books you can install on your regular 'dumb' cell phone. 0.5 MegaBytes is a large book. I think as images it would be more than 50 MegaBytes, which is OK on a media player.