Sunday, December 30, 2007

You Are A Bad Photographer If You Have At least One of These 7 Habits

Antoine Khater a professional photographer and photography blogger from Lebanon written a nice article 7 Bad Habits of Digital Photographers.

In his 5 years of photography experience he learnt how not to be a bad photographer. Here is the list of 7 bad habits

  1. Not double checking your gear bag
  2. Not double checking ISO settings
  3. I’ll get this straight later
  4. I shoot raw, I don’t care about exposure
  5. Deleting pictures too fast
  6. Better body instead of better lens
  7. Blaming the material

On blaming the material when we are not able to capture a nice picture he says..

When we do not manage of getting a decent picture we go like “AH if only I had that lens!” but if someone looks at a nice pictures of ours and says “Wow you should have a nice camera!!!” We go crazy… Anyway, remember folks, it is always the photographer never the Camera.