Thursday, January 03, 2008

Microsoft Frustration Detection S/W, Apple OLED Keyboard, Google Sees Failure and Yahoo Starts Selling Off...

Few interesting links that I came across today which might be useful to you

Microsoft patents frustration-detecting help system

A new Microsoft patent has the Internet abuzz with tinfoil-hat-like conspiracy theories. The patent, which covers biometric feedback that can trigger certain features in software, has triggered adverse reactions by bloggers who are convinced that this is all part of a sinister plot by corporations and governments to closely monitor their citizens. But is it? The answer lies in the patent itself, and like all patent documents, it's long and tedious reading. Fortunately, you have Ars Technica to do it for you.

Apple developing dynamic OLED-based keyboard

Apple Inc. in a new patent filing proposes to solve the ages-old problem of having to manufacture distinct keyboards to support the various alphabets and key arrangements of foreign countries by developing an OLED-based model where key arrangements are altered on the fly by software.

8 Bold Predictions for Web 2.0 in 2008

Google Sees Failure for the First Time, Yahoo! Starts Selling off Assets, Microsoft Moves to Buyout Yahoo!; Starts Seriously Competing with Google in Online Search, Social Media Penetrates Mainstream Consciousness...

Cool & Sleek :: The Zune Theme for your XP

Are you bored with that sluggish default Windows XP theme and what to have a change, but afraid of getting your system files getting corrupt by those bad transformation packs. Then I have certainly got something for you.