Friday, January 04, 2008

Preview The Destination URL of a TinyURL

TinyURL is the popular free web service used to shorten lengthy URLs like to simple and easy to communicate like this Tinyurls are popular in blogs like Twitter and other mobile social networks.

As Tinyurls replaces the original website links with short links, at times people slightly feel uncomfortable to click on a link without knowing where it is going to land.

To solve this problem TinyUrl introduced a new feature that will show you a preview of the destination url before going to the site.

Once you are on the site just click the link "Click here to enable previews".

From now onwards if you click on any url like the following, you will be first taken to a preview page which shows the destination URL.


I found this feature very useful to make sure that I'm not visiting any unknown and malicious websites. Hope this will be useful to you also.