Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SQL Server Synonyms Explained In Simple English [SQL Server 2005]

What are Synonyms?

SYNONYMS in SQL Server 2005 allows developers to create alias names for database objects and refer the database objects with alias names where ever required.

What is the benefit of using Synonyms?

Lengthy database objects names can be referred with simple and small alias names. Increases readability of the script.


Querying a table located on a remote server without a synonym

SELECT * FROM Server1.AdventureWorks.Production.ProductCategory


INSERT INTO Server1.AdventureWorks.Production.ProductCategory(……) VALUES(…..)


Querying a table located on a remote server with a synonym

--Create a synonym

CREATE SYNONYM ExTbl_ProdCat FOR Server1.AdventureWorks.Production.ProductCategory


--Query data with the help of synonym




What are the different Database Objects that can be synonymised?

  1. Assembly (CLR) Stored Procedure
  2. Assembly (CLR) Table-valued Function
  3. Assembly (CLR) Scalar Function
  4. Assembly Aggregate (CLR) Aggregate Functions
  5. Replication-filter-procedure
  6. Extended Stored Procedure
  7. SQL Scalar Function
  8. SQL Table-valued Function
  9. SQL Inline-table-valued Function
  10. SQL Stored Procedure
  11. View
  12. Table (User-defined)

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