Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Want To See 2008 Beijing Olympics Live On Internet? Then Install Microsoft SilverLight.

Are you planning to watch live 2008 Beijing Olympics live at office on NBC Sports website? Are you planning to watch replays and on demand videos of 2008 Olympics online? Then you need to know what is Microsoft Silverlight and you should also install it.

Bill Gates yesterday at the CES Keynote announced that NBC Sports and Microsoft are working together to build with the help of Microsoft Silverlight platform to deliver deeply immersive user experience.

The Silverlight technology which is considered as a competitor to Adobe Flash will be used extensively in NBC site to deliver rich full screen videos. The NBC will host  2,200 hours of live events coverage with 20 simultaneous live video streams at peak times. Look at this Adobe, Microsoft is fully geared to fight with you!!

This is a very good news to Microsoft as their just matured Silverlight technology will be forced to install and use by millions of people to watch Olympics online. Can you guess how much Microsoft would have paid to NBC?

>>Download and Install Microsoft Silverlight