Thursday, January 03, 2008

Where Is the Change Case Feature in Word 2007? [Microsoft Office Tips]

Microsoft Word's Change Case is one of the handiest feature. It's very smart in changing the case of text one format to another. For example you can modify text from lowercase to all capitals with a single click.

So now you are using Word 2007, how do you locate the Change Case feature? For keyboard pros, nothing has changed: Shift + F3 will toggle the select the text from one case to another. But if you are a menu driven user then your need to search all over the ribbon menus or simple read the rest of the article.

Click the Home tab on the Ribbon and then find the Change Case button(shown in the image below) in the Font group.


The ribbon menu of Office 2007 has set new standards of user interface which are very useful. But the users who worked with pervious interfaces have to readjust thinking a little bit.


Asad Naeem said...

great tip. it made many things easy for me. u dont know what u did to me. thanks and great.

Anonymous said...

You can use Shift-F3 to toggle between upper/lower/sentence case too