Thursday, January 10, 2008

YouTube RSS Feeds - Feeds Not Known To Many People

YouTube has very rich video content but not rich RSS feeds support. The few useful feeds which are available through YouTube RSS Feed page are

Apart from these feeds provided by YouTube user interface, It is very difficult to follow favourite channels, subscriptions or videos uploaded by a specific area as there is no user interface which allows to subscribe to the feeds.

That's why I decided to dig through the APIs of YouTube and found few useful feeds that can be tracked using our favourite feed readers.

Subscription Videos Feed

Ravennger, a developer of Yahoo Pipes provided interface through which we can extract feeds of any user's subscription list. For example, the following link allows you to access subscriptions of the user Microsoft.

To access your own subscriptions, replace Microsoft(bold text in the above link) with your user name.

Favourite Videos Feed

Favourite feeds can be access by using the following link. Don't forget to replace WindowsVistaAndLive(bold text) with your own user name.

Recent Videos Uploaded By A User

Replace WindowsVistaAndLive with your the name of the user whom you want to track

Hope these feeds will be useful to your


Anonymous said...

nice found...I did not find this kinda stuff any where else!!!!!

Anonymous said...

posted this link at http;//

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Geat and useful tool, especially it supports chinese. WOW!

Anonymous said...

is it possible to have viewer comments posted on YouTube videos to be fed into an external website's guestbook?

Anonymous said... makes youtube RSS feeds, it uses greasemonkey to place a button on all youtube pages. Click on the button and that video becomes part of a feed that exposes the file directly. You can pick between FLV and MP4.