Sunday, February 17, 2008

Selecting Multiple Mails With The Help of SHIFT Key [GMail Shortcuts]

GMail has an undocumented feature that allow you to select multiple mail conversation with the help of Shift key. This feature works very similar to multi select option in Windows Explorer.

For example if you want to select all the messages from 5 to 25 available in the Inbox, select the message 5 and 25 while holding the Shift key. GMail automatically selects all the conversations from 5 to 25. This features comes very hand when we want to select and archive/delete a row of messages.

Here are few more GMail shortcuts that works with a combination of Shift plus other keys

  • <Shift> + c allows you to compose a message in a new window
  • <Shift> + r allows you to reply to a message in a new window.
  • <Shift> +a allows you to reply to all message recipients in a new window.
  • <Shift> + f allows you to forward a message in a new window
  • <Shift> + i mark your message as 'read' and skip to the next message.
  • <Shift> + u mark your message as 'unread' so you can go back to it later
  • <Shift> + n update your current conversation when there are new messages

Thanks Phillip