Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Access Blocked AIM/Google Talk/Yahoo Messenger/MSN Messenger At Your Office, School, College or University

There are so many easy ways to access most of the blocked websites. In our earlier posts we explained 4 different ways to access any blocked website, tricks for accessing blocked Orkut, Access Blocked YouTube at Office / School / University and Accessing Blocked Web Sites at WiFi Hotspots.

Now let us learn how to access Instants Messengers(IMs) like MSN Messenger/Windows Messenger, Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger when they are blocked at your Office/

The work around to access blocked Instant Messenger is to use Web Messengers. Web Messenger are very easy to use as there is no need to download and install any software/plugins.

Access Blocked AIM/Google Talk/Yahoo Messenger/MSN Messenger At Your Office, School or University - Image

There are many of web messengers available today which allows you to login to most of your favourite messengers at a time. Here is the list of web messengers which allows you to log in to AIM, Google Talk, MSN/Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.

  1. Meebo
  2. eBuddy
  3. ILoveIM
  4. KoolIM
  6. Mabber
  7. MessengerFx

The following are the official web messengers form AOL, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo which allows you to connect to respective messengers

  1. AIM Express
  2. Google Talk
  3. MSN/Windows Live Web Messenger
  4. Yahoo Web Messenger

It is most unlikely that your organisation would have blocked these web messengers too. It is suggested to try at least 3 of the above websites to get access.

Do let us hear through comments if you know any other tricks or popular web messengers that we missed to cover.

Disclaimer: Use these tip and tricks at you own risk. Your organisations may consider accessing blocked web sites and messengers as breach of security policies and guidelines that may result in any inconvenience.


Anonymous said...

MessengerFX review on

Anonymous said...

nope .. ALL of the above are still blocked at my work.


Anonymous said...

i would really love if you could find a way to unblock meebo. my new work place blocks meebo & koolim. i'll try the other web msgrs but i doubt they'd work :-( please please please try to find a way to unblock meebo!! :'-( they even block Picasa!! Argh!

Anonymous said...

What about for accessing blocked gtalk/msn/y!messenger/aim

Anonymous said...

you can download and install yahoo messenger a diffrent version and change the setting to work in any case here is the post i found

Anonymous said...

Since all these sites are categorized as Instant Messaging they are all blocked.

Anonymous said...

These are good for text chat. But is there any way to do voice chat by these sites or any other sites.