Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Add Flickr to the right-click "Send to" menu in Windows.

Sendto Flickr is a free Windows explorer extension that allows you to upload images to Flickr through the right-click “send-to” menu.


Sendto Flickr can used with any image or photo stored on your computer, over a network or even on removable drives.Also supports:

  • Batch uploading: simply select multiple images and right click to upload. Files will be uploaded sequentially and previewed as they are uploaded.
  • No image or metadata editing: unlike some of the other Flickr uploaders that do this, this one is just about 1-click uploading; you do not need to enter photo details.
  • Authorization: will require that you authorize it to use the Flickr API to access your account. Will take you through the steps after installation. You will not need to enter account details every time you upload.