Friday, March 21, 2008

Common Sense Tips to Keep Children Safe Online[Google Official Video]

Google teamed up with Common Sense Media to create this videos of tips to keep kids safe while browsing Internet. Here are the few tips presented in the video to keep kids away from inappropriate content and protect them from spammers

  • Place the computer in a central place like living room so that parents can monitor when kids are browsing
  • For healthy reasons set a timer to make sure kids are not browsing more than 2 hours a day
  • Continuously monitor the browser history to check what they are watching online
  • Configure Google Safe Search to apply strict search results filtering rules
  • Teach Internet safety tips and educate them to configure the privacy settings in Social Networking Sites(Orkut, Facebook, etc.), Instant Messengers(GTalk, Y! Messenger..) and photo sharing sites(picasa, flickr)
  • Teach kids not to believe what ever they see online as there are many unauthenticated content providers post what ever they want

Watch the full video for more tips