Sunday, March 02, 2008

Too Many Friends Disturbing You in GTalk? Set Status to Idle.

The simplicity and elegant user interfaces of Google made us to love Google Talk instant messenger. But the honesty of Google Talk annoy us at time when we can not respond to all the friends who want to chat with us.

In Google Talk there is no option set our status to appear offline or Idle. Busy is the only possible status which we can set and the other possible status is Idle which I set by Google Talk( If you lock your computer or leave it idle for sometime Google Talk automatically turns the status to Idle.)

However there is a simple work around to set you status to Idle by installing a small software called gAlwaysIdle. Here is what gAlwaysIdle does for you

gAlwaysIdle adds two new options to Google Talk, allowing you to change your status to be 'always idle' or 'never idle'. When your status is set to 'always idle', you'll appear idle to your Google Talk buddies, even if you're sitting at your computer typing e-mails and sending IMs

gAlwaysIdle is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems and you can download it from

Thank you very much Sudhakar for the excellent finding.