Friday, March 14, 2008

The world’s most expensive phone - Piece Unique

  The GoldVishPiece Unique” is the most expensive mobile phone in the world, according to Guinness Book of Records and it costs about $1.6 million .Only three people on the planet have such a handset.  Evgeny Chichvarkin(Russian), Euroset CEO is one of the GoldVish Piece Unique owners in the world. However, rumors are circulating that all GoldVish Piece Unique owners are Russian.

Here’s a quick excerpt  from the manufacturer’s site :

"Our aim is to create each cell phone as a masterpiece in its own right. In addition to the ILLUSION collection, GoldVish manufactures a limited range of customised cell phones, with personalised engravings and diamond settings.

The limited editions will be distributed worldwide. This unique and very exclusive collection is only available on special request. GoldVish makes cell phones of unparalleled luxury backed by the highest levels of Swiss craftsmanship and precision. For more details and questions, go to the contact button."