Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Best Collection Of YouTube Tools To Amazingly Change The Way You Use YouTube is undoubtedly the best online video web site and one of the most visited web site on the Internet. According to data at which ranks web sites based to their visitor traffic, has now overtaken as the world's second most visited web site[source yahoo].

To make best use of the best Internet video sharing site, we are presenting you the following tools, websites, plugins and other useful resources.

RealPlayer is the first mainstream media player that lets users download and record videos from Youtube

Orbit Downloader - an indispensable free tool that lets us to download streaming web videos in a click.When you are watching a video on say Youtube,Orbit adds small button when you hover the mouse over the player - click that button to download the video or song to your hard drive.

Universal Uploader  - a Firefox browser plug in that allows you to upload and download images, videos and documents from Flickr, Picasa Albums, Youtube, and Facebook with a single user interface

Youtube RSS Feeds - an excellent collection of RSS feeds to watch videos in your favourite feed readers like Google Reader and FeedDemon

KissYouTube, KeepVid and Vixy - Websites which allow you to download Youtube videos without installing any software

Delutube - Allows you to watch deleted Youtube videos. How many times you encountered the message "This video is no longer available"? Delutube is all you to need to watch deleted Youtube videos - A most interactive user interface to view  Youtube videos. It also allows users to download and save videos in most popular formats like Window Media, Mobile(3GP), iPOD and QuickTime

YouTube User scripts - A collection of 59 + user scripts to perform several tasks with YouTube

TubeStop - A Firefox plugin to block Ads and stop auto playing of Youtube videos

VideoFocus - A Greasemonky script that shows YouTube videos without any distractions like ads, comments and related videos - This is an excellent service which allows  you to share just the scenes which you like from an online video. For example, you saw a lengthy video of Bill Gates Keynote and you only want to share a portion of it on your blog. Then Scenemaker is the right tool for you use by defining your favourite scene starting and ending locations in the lengthy video