Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Google Digging The Web Deep - Googlebot To Fill Forms On Websites to Index More Content

Googlebot, the search bot used by Google to collect documents from the web to build a searchable index for the Google search engine, now has the capability to automatically fill and submit forms available on Websites to discover new web pages and URLs.

Google Webmaster Blog has announced that Google started to index web pages hidden behind web forms.

Google is constantly trying new ideas to improve our coverage of the web. We already do some pretty smart things like scanning JavaScript and Flash to discover links.......In the past few months we have been exploring some HTML forms to try to discover new web pages and URLs that we otherwise couldn't find and index for users who search on Google. Specifically, when we encounter a <FORM> element on a high-quality site, we might choose to do a small number of queries using the form. For text boxes, our computers automatically choose words from the site that has the form; for select menus, check boxes, and radio buttons on the form, we choose from among the values of the HTML.

With this move Google has started digging the web deep and we can expect more relevant results in the future.

Image by bucklava