Tuesday, April 29, 2008

India Sets World Record By Launching 10 Satellites In One Go

India Space Research Organisation - LogoISRO, The Indian Space Research Organisation has set a new world record by launching 10 satellites into Earth's orbit in one go. The satellites weighed 820 Kilograms.

The spectacular launch positioned India ahead of Russia, US and Europe who never put so many satellites that weigh so heavy in a single mission.

India used its premier launch vehicle PSLV  to carry a C9 Cartosat 2A, Indian Mini Satellite (IMS), and eight foreign nano satellites. The other country who archived similar feat close to this is Russia who placed 13 small satellites that weighed 295 Kilograms.

The journey of Indian space research started way back in 1963 with the launch of a sounding rocket to study gravity waves. Even though India may be a baby in the Space Research but it's competing with the big powers to set world records.