Thursday, April 17, 2008

Know The Difference Between Capturing Videos Using Digital Camera and Video Camera

We can record videos using a digital camera as well as a video camera. But everyone advices to use Video Cameras for recording videos. But do you know why video cameras are recommended? 

Here are the two reasons

1) Digital camera's use low bandwidth storage formats as they have less memory. As a result it stores highly compressed and poor quality videos. But video camera use high bandwidth storage formats that have better quality

2) The optical lens of digital cameras are more suitable for capturing still images. So it is very difficult to capture videos with motion.

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Vijay said...

Hi Gopinath,

I agree with your second point.

But I am slightly varying from your first point. Now a days, we have digital cameras which stores the movies in a rich format (AVI, MPEG). All Sony camearas and Canon IXUS are having nice video features.