Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Recommendation for Starting A Startup Site with ASP.NET

If you are planning to start a startup website development using ASP.NET here are the 6 valuable tips for rapid and cost effective development from DimeBrain.

1) Use ASP.NET MVC instead of ViewState mechanism for writing better code which are unit testing and maintenance friendly

2) Don't use 3rd party control libraries as developers have to spend more time in understanding the 3rd party APIs and debugging the bugs resulted due to misuse of the APIs.

3) Use JQuery which is small and does most of the JavaScript related things

4) Do not use UpdatePanel. Instead build the system with "real" ASP.NET AJAX; that is, build static page methods, WCF services, or script methods, and call those on the client-side via JavaScript

5) Use a graphic designer as the startup has no excuse of poor design

6) Use an automated entity persistence solution to perform insert and update operations on database

Read more elaborated explanation of all the tips at DimeBrain