Thursday, May 22, 2008

Are You Using Work E-Mail For Personal Communication? Your Employer Might Be Reading Your Mails!!

If you are using your work e-mail for a job hunt, dating or any other personal communication, better you stop that right now.

An industry study by Forrester Research has revealed that 41% of large employers(those with 20,000 or more employees) have dedicated staff to read(analyse) mail communication happening in their organisations.

Here are the key summary points of the survey conducted in US, UK, Germany, France and Australia.

  • 44% of companies reported that they investigated an e-mail leak of confidential information
  • 26% of companies terminated an employee for violating e-mail policies
  • 11% percent of the companies took disciplinary action against employees for improper use of blogs

This survey clearly indicates that it is not safe to exchange any personal information using work e-mail.