Thursday, May 15, 2008

Download Free Microsoft Office 2007 Templates

Microsoft released a set of free designer templates for creating professional spreadsheets, documents, letterheads, invoices, email, newsletters and business cards.


The free download available online has  6 designer templates with option to customize the colour scheme before downloading. The best part is each design has matching template sets for presentations to invoices and emails to newsletters that will look sharp, consistent and powerful.

How to download the templates

1) Go to free templates web site

2) Choose your design by selecting one among the six preview thumbnails shown along the top

3) Customize the colour of the template by choosing one among the 9 colour options available along the bottom

4) Click on Download Template image to download a zip file of template set

How to use the downloaded templates

The instructions for using the templates are documented in a PDF file available at here and here.


Microsoft Free Office 2007 Templates [via Lifehacker]