Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Microsoft Uses Abode Flash Instead Of Microsoft's SilverLight

SilverLight, is the new technology from Microsoft to compete with Adobe Flash. Microsoft is heavily investing for SilverLight acceptance by user community and developer community.

But the surprising fact is, Microsoft's own web sites are built with Adobe Flash instead of SilerLight. Recently Microsoft released a new product called Worldwide Telescope (to compete with Google Earth) and the official web site of the product is built with Adobe Flash!

It's not only that is using Adobe Flash but also other site like Zune, MSN Videos, Microsoft Surface, Visual Studio , Halo, XBOX & Live Search - Left vs Right are also built using Flash.

Does this mean that Microsoft is afraid of using their own product when they want to do serious business? Answer to the question seems to be Yes.

Flash is widely accepted, runs on many platforms other than Windows and non-IE browsers like Firefox & Opera. But SilverLight is not yet proved.

When Microsoft itself not willing to use SilverLight, how can we dare to use it?

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