Friday, May 02, 2008

Surprisingly We Need An Application to Uninstall Adode Flash Player!!

Today I had to uninstall Flash player on my laptop for some reason and I was surprised to learn that we need a separate application to uninstall it.

With out knowing that I need an external uninstaller, first I tried uninstalling the Flash components displayed in Add/Remove programs but that did not complete the un-installation.  After Googling  I learned that we need to download an uninstaller application from adobe and execute it to completely remove all the Flash components.

If you ever want to uninstall Flash on you computer follow these steps

  1. download appropriate version of uninstaller suitable for your OS(Windows, Mac OS X and Mac OS 8.x & 9.x)
  2. Close all applications flash dependent applications like Internet Explorer, Firefox browser, etc
  3. Double click the downloaded application

This is the first main stream program which I have ever seen that requires an separate uninstaller application.