Sunday, June 08, 2008

3 Must to Have Free Applications For Bloggers

I’ve been blogging for couple of years. I tried many applications over time to blog efficiently. Most of the application I tried are very useful and few were annoying.

Here are the 3 free blogging application that I find very useful for blogging. I recommend these applications as must to have for all the bloggers.

Windows Live Writer

This is an amazing desktop application from Microsoft that helps you to post articles to any popular blog platform ( Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad, Movable & etc). The interface of Live Writer is very simple and extremely easy to use. Inserting Photos, Videos, Maps, Code Snippets are simple as Ctrl+C & Ctrl + V.

The recent Technology Preview of Live Writer even supports image editing. There are tons of features in Live Writer and it requires a full length blog post to explain all the features. Just to give a glance of features I’ll name few of my favourites: spell checking, offline blogging, switching from blog to another blog, inserting tables, pinging blog search engines, paste special(similar to word), preview before posting.

Also there are many useful free plug-ins developed by community members to enhance blogging experience.

For techies: Live Writer is the first application from Microsoft that is completely developed in .NET.


Do you share content with your readers that can be downloaded by them? Do you add or modify themes, plug-ins often to your blog? Here is an excellent tool for you. FileZilla, is the best of free client applications that manages FTP operations.

FileZilla is developed by Mozilla corporation which also develops the famous Firefox browser.


IrfanView is a nice application for capturing screen shots and editing them for blogging purpose. IrfanView is a lightweight application and also powered by community plug-ins.

Did we miss any of the tools that you feel like must to have for bloggers? You are welcome to let us hear your favourite tools through comments.

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Anonymous said...

FileZilla is not developed by Mozilla corporation.

Other than the 'zilla' suffix, FileZilla and Mozilla have absolutely nothing in common.