Tuesday, June 03, 2008

How To Send FREE Unlimited SMS/TEXT to India From USA/UK/UAE

SMS Me, an Orkut application that allows sending unlimited SMS/Text messages to all mobiles in India for FREE. Yes it is absolutely free of cost!!

All the messages delivered through SMS Me application carries the mobile number which you enter while adding the application to your Orkut profile. In order to verify your mobile number, you need to send a verification code given by SMS Me application as an SMS to their service. Once your mobile is verified, you are all set to send unlimited SMS to mobiles in India.

The address book feature of the application allows you to save and use the phone number of your contacts. The other feature available in the application called "Inbox/outbox" which is supposed to have a history of your SMS communication with your friends. But for some strange reasons, none of my SMS communications were recorded in the history.

This application is developed by Baiju Devadas, a software engineer from Bangalore, India. The overall experience with the application is excellent. The ability to instantly send free SMS to all mobiles in India with a simple user interface in Orkut is an appealing factor.

Follow this link to add SMS Me to your Orkut profile


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Baiju Devadas said...

The Inbox/Outbox is meant to show the sms history of messages just between you and your orkut friends.It doesn't apply for SMS sent to people outside orkut.

For SMS-me

Anonymous said...

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