Thursday, June 05, 2008

Installed Vista SP1? Reclaim Your 1 GB Hard Disk Space

Microsoft delivered latest update to their Windows Vista Operating System through the release of Service Pack 1 couple of weeks ago.

Installation of Service Pack increases the amount of disk space used by Vista operating system as a backup copy of older files are saved to the disk.

You can claim almost 1 GB of hard disk space by deleting the backup files. But the catch is, after deleting the backup files you will not be able to uninstall service pack 1.

I don't think anyone will be willing to uninstall service pack 1 as it improves the performance and security. So you can go ahead and delete the backup files to reclaim 1 GB of hard disk space by following these steps

  1. Open windows command prompt
  2. Execute the command : vsp1cln.exe

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

I am running Vista Ultra 64 SP1.

After getting the command prompt (I entered cmd), I had to go into the
C:\windows\system32\ folder, first for me to execute vsp1cln.exe. I received an Access error if I didn't.
After that another command windows opened, where I had to enter a Y to continue. Then it did "something" and closed that window.
What I am wondering about is how can I tell that vsp1cln.exe executed and what files should have been deleted. I can keep executing vsp1cln.exe over and over, although it completes faster.
Jon T.