Friday, June 15, 2007

Make wallpapers for your cell phone in seconds!

With the help of Moboipic you can create wallpapers for your cell phone in seconds. When I tried this free online service I was able to create a wall paper for my Nokia N73 music edition cell phone in 45 seconds. Simple steps to be followed for creating a wall paper are

  1. Go to MoboPic web site
  2. Locate the image ( only JPG, PNG and GIF are supported )  either on the Internet or on your local hard drive and paste the link

  1. Click on Upload button. The following user interface will be shown to your for selecting your cell model

  1. Choose your mobile model using the selection boxes and adjust the crop area using a sliding interface available on the image.
  2. After selecting the area which you want to capture as your mobile wallpaper, click on MoboPic It!.
  3. That's all. Your mobile wallpaper is ready to either download or send as a attachment to your mail box

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