Saturday, June 16, 2007

Google complaint on Windows Vista - Where Vista hard-wired its search application?

Google few days lodged an antitrust complaint against Windows Vista built in search saying it is practically impossible to turn off Vista Desktop search functionality. Google is also claiming that Microsoft Vista operating system impairs the performance of desktop search programs like Google Desktop Search. The statement issue by Google spokesperson says

The search boxes built throughout Vista are hard-wired to Microsoft's own desktop search product, with no way for users to choose an alternate provider

As not much details are available about the complaint of Google, at this point we don't know much about it. Let see where all Microsoft has hard-wired their search application. Are these search options really a concern for Google?


Start Menu


Control panel


Open and Save Dialogs


Windows Calendar


Windows Explorer


Windows Help and Support


Windows Mail


Windows Media Player


Windows Photo Gallery


Anonymous said...

and you need to "search the desktop" from these locations why?

Anonymous said...

These are different user interfaces which are built using Vista OS search. You can search the program which you want to launch using search box available in Start Menu(see the first image)

Anonymous said...

Classic Microsoft.

Anonymous said...

Sorry boys -- but this is paramount to MS Complaining that the MSN Search box isn't on google's homepage -- guess what? Just because MS builds search boxes for their native search (which is seperate from Windows Live Search) doen't mean Google has a disadvantage. This is nothing more than a really expensive pissing competition. Fags! [both MS and google]

Unknown said...

they are nothing to do with live search, no one single search box you showed, i would be REALLY pissed if google messed with ANY of them searches anyway.

All of Vista's searches search within each specific program.

E.g. the search in media player, searches your songs/videos, Explorer searches files in specific folder you are looking in and otehr sub folders.
Mail = mail... Help = = photos... calender = calender... CP = CP.....

If you want google to be able to mess with these searches, then you are just BEGGING for unstability, and GOOGLE!!! posted all over your computer.. and notice what the IE search was not showed?? thats ebcause thats the only one they should be alowed to mess with, and guess what.... THEY CAN...