Monday, June 25, 2007

Preventing Ad Blindness on web sites to earn consistent money

If you are a Google AdSense publisher, you may notice steady decline in earnings as times goes on. This is because, regular visitors of your web site get used to your ads and they ignore them completely. This phenomenon is called as "Ad Blindness".

There is an easy way to solve this problem. Keep changing the color of ads regularly so that they look like fresh content. Google AdSense script allows publishers to specify multiple colors for links so that the colors can be rotated every time ads are displayed. For example if you want to rotate link color of your ads in Black, White and Blue you can replace "google_color_link" attribute in you AdSense code with the following code

google_color_link = ["FFFFFF","000000", "0000FF"];

Like this you can rotate colors for any color attribute in your Google AdSense code. Give it a try and enjoy this cool feature.


Luv said...

Hey is this legal ???
nd whr v shd put da followin code
google_color_link = ["FFFFFF","000000", "0000FF"];

Gopinath M said...

Yes, it is legal.
If you are using AdSense widget in Blogger layout, you can not specify multiple colours. You have to get java script code from Google AdSense for content by following these steps
1) Login to AdSense
2) Click on AdSense Setup
3) Click on AdSense for Content
4) Select Single Page option
5) Configure required options (AdSense code for specifying colours is not provided by default. So configure at least one colour using the section "Colours")
6) After selecting all the required options copy the java script given at the end of the page.
7) This is the code which you have to modify to prevent Ad Blindness and add this code to your blog or website.

Dutt said...

but many profesional blogger are maintaning same color.

for example labnol is having 1.2mil visitor in a month. but he is not using this.

there is a danger if we change the color different to template colors, new users will ignore these links.

correct me if i am wrong.