Saturday, June 23, 2007

Windows VISTA - Turning On or Off features like IIS, MSMQ and Print Services

Recently I configured IIS on my Windows Vista Operating System. I first tried following the Windows XP process of going to Start-->Settings-->Control Panel-->Add Remove Program, but at last wondered to see all new user interfaces.

As there are many changes in the user interface I took almost 10 minutes to identify the control panel application which allows me turn on or off windows features like IIS, MSMQ, Printer Services, Indexing Services, etc. 

I wanted to share how to locate the program which allows you to turn on or off windows applications with you people as it might be helpful to you 

  1.  Select Control Panel from your Start Menu
  2. Local the icon Programs in the Control Panel and click on Programs

  1. Click on Turn Windows features on or off link

  1. The Turn Windows features on or off application allows you to configure the applications like IIS, MSMQ, Printer Server


Anonymous said...

This is very nice, ... but what is "safe" to turn off?
What changes will take place and why?
I need to free-up resources!
This 'HOG' (Vista) eats everything, all the time! At this rate, my new hard drive will be hammered in six months!

Anonymous said...

great information.Gopinath